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Moving Like My Grandma

Last week Thursday, Keith came home to a sad wife. For some reason, my mind started to take a trip down memory lane. The memories that played out caused tears to run down my face onto my bright-eyed daughter who laid on a pillow on my lap. She seemed to have known that I needed...


Who Will Hire the Pregnant Woman ?

When I finished school, I knew that with the way the job market was set up, the chances of me landing a job in my field of study (Criminology and Women’s Studies) were slim. To make a long story short, I ended up working for an organization in the field of mental health and disability....


Weight Gain Acceptance

When I found out I was pregnant and checked in at my family doctor’s office for confirmation, one of the things Dr. S told me she needed to do was to check my weight. For someone like me who doesn’t regularly check her weight, I had no idea what the scale would say so it...