First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage …


A day or two before finding out I was pregnant, I had said to my husband, Keith, that my period was late by about a week and that it was quite unusual. I have to admit, I’m not as diligent as some women I know who can tell you the day – sometimes, even time – they are expecting their periods but I know for a fact that I receive a regular monthly visit from Aunt Flow. I didn’t feel any different but it’s an age old tale that if a sexually active woman misses her period that there is a chance that she could be pregnant.

When Keith wants to know something, he’ll ask over and over again in many different ways – I swear I love the man but he knows how to grind my gears sometimes! I didn’t know if I was pregnant or if something else was going on. However, the possibility of being pregnant was definitely high because we weren’t deliberately trying to prevent it.  For us, if it happened, so be it. Any how, my darling Keith asked me several times if I thought I was pregnant to which I answered “I don’t know” every single time. So, he suggested we buy a pregnancy test to find out. I’ve been told time and time again that the pregnancy tests in Dollarama are accurate but we decided that we would go to Walmart and purchase a fancy Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy test with Date Weeks Indicator. If this test was as good as it had advertised, we wouldn’t have to wonder if we were reading any lines correctly because it would say digitally whether or not I was pregnant and it would also say the amount of weeks.

We went home and I took the test. I couldn’t be bothered to wait until the early morning when the levels are said to be higher and what not. After all, as a friend once told me, you can have a false negative but never a false positive!

So, in our small and humble abode, I tore open the package and did what I had to do. I even walked away from it as it was processing because I didn’t want to see it. After about a minute or two, Keith told me to check it and when I did …

It said I was pregnant! What?! A mixture of shock and excitement travelled through my body. I couldn’t believe it. We hugged each other in disbelief (more me than him because he suspected I was anyway). It was time for me to make a phone call to my family doctor and book an appointment.


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