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What’s In A Name?

Out of the many things I looked forward to when I thought about having children, it would be coming up with the right names. Due to being a super organized woman, it should be no surprise to those that know me that I actually keep a running tab of children’s’ names in my phone. I...


Charlotte’s Birth Story

I woke up out of my sleep on Tuesday July 25th around 3 am with what seemed to be contractions. I reached out to my close girlfriends (also fellow mommies) to let them know how I was feeling. A couple of hours later, I decided to have Keith bring me to North York General Hospital...


My Maternity Photoshoot

If you haven’t already noticed, I am BIG on capturing memories via photographs and video. I am the person who constantly takes pictures whilst living in the moments (yes, I can do both simultaneously for the most part). If there is one thing I am always willing to invest in, it’s my photos. Once Keith...


My NYGH Hospital Tour Experience

When my pregnancy was confirmed by my family doctor, she informed me that I had a choice of having an obstetrician or midwife follow my pregnancy. Ultimately, I chose an obstetrician because I felt that God forbid anything went wrong, I would be have access to a hospital an immediate attention and care. Later on,...


Baby Reid’s Gender Reveal Baby Shower

One of the hardest things to do throughout my pregnancy was to keep the gender of our baby a secret. Initially, I had wanted to do a small gender reveal party with family and close friends (I blame YouTube videos for putting the idea in my head) but then I realized that I didn’t have...