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Baby Reid’s Gender Reveal Baby Shower


One of the hardest things to do throughout my pregnancy was to keep the gender of our baby a secret. Initially, I had wanted to do a small gender reveal party with family and close friends (I blame YouTube videos for putting the idea in my head) but then I realized that I didn’t have the time nor the budget to throw two parties (including the baby shower) in under five months. So, we we went with the idea of revealing the gender of our baby at the baby shower via a specialty cake. The shower was planned for Sunday July 16th (two weeks out from when I was due – risky, I know). I decided to go with gender neutral colours of pastel green, white, and gold. I chose three templates for the invitation and three designs for the cake and I backed away from the planning of the shower because I wanted to be surprised. I love surprises!



Our daughter’s godmother, Tatie Anne, planned and hosted my baby shower with elegance and sheer precision. The venue and decorations were absolutely beautiful. Anne had the help of a few of my close girlfriends to execute the flow of the evening and everything ran as smoothly as possible.

Side Bar: Get you some girlfriends like mines!

On the morning of the shower, I rushed out to Scarborough Town Centre and power walked through a couple of stores in search of  the perfect baby shower dress. I settled on a green dress from the clearance rack at The GAP. Believe it or not, it was an XS and it was the only one there.

We started with prayer, moved onto games, ate dinner, and continued with a few more more games. Advice was given to me from other phenomenal mothers who were present and then, Keith and I surprised Anne with a lovely bouquet of flowers to thank her for all she had done. After that special moment, we went over to our cake and before we cut into the bottom tier, we asked everyone what they thought we were having. Someone yelled out “twins” (mercy)! Keith and I cut into the cake revealing to everyone that we were expecting a baby girl!

Although the venue was located in downtown Toronto and unbeknownst to me, there were two major events happening at the time, the turnout was great and greatly appreciated. Baby Reid was showered with so much love via prayers, words of advice and gifts. I couldn’t have picked better people to be apart of her tribe.

I would like to acknowledge the following individuals for the roles they played in pulling together this shower:


Thank-you to my cousin Shanty who made sure to capture this special occasion that I am now able to share with all of you! 

Special Thanks to Lyn for her catering services! You may be small but you are truly the best. You catered our wedding reception, now our baby shower and we couldn’t have asked for a better person to have done so.

Also, thank-you to Telisa (Telisa Made It on Instagram and Facebook) for designing our gender reveal cake. It was absolutely beautiful and tasted just as great. Look out for baby girl’s first birthday cake order !


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