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Post-Partum Baby Blues

Post-partum depression/baby blues is a very real phenomenon for women. I am extremely blessed to have only had a mild case of baby blues. For anyone who doesn’t know, Medicine Net defines Baby Blues as “ a common temporary psychological state right after childbirth when a new mother may have sudden mood swings, feeling very...


The First 24 Hours |Part 2

Alright so, Keith stayed the night and shared my hospital bed (meant for one person) with me. For the first hour or so, it was romantic and sweet but after that, I had to get up and stretch my legs because it was definitely not as comfortable as I had thought. Both baby and husband...


The First 24 Hours|Part 1

It wasn’t long after I had our daughter that the nurse informed me that all the rooms that were covered by OHIP were taken and so, I would be upgraded to a semi-private room free of charge as that was all they had available. You didn’t have to ask me twice, just wheel me in...