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The First 24 Hours|Part 1


It wasn’t long after I had our daughter that the nurse informed me that all the rooms that were covered by OHIP were taken and so, I would be upgraded to a semi-private room free of charge as that was all they had available. You didn’t have to ask me twice, just wheel me in the direction of the room! After about an hour, since I had a healthy and safe delivery (no stitches or anything required), the nurse helped me get into a wheelchair (personally, I didn’t feel that was necessary but I enjoyed it nonetheless) and I was pushed to my room that I shared with another mother who had her baby a couple hours before I had our daughter.

Baby Charlotte literally did not leave my side the entire time we were in the hospital for 24 hours. A nurse was assigned to me and she checked in on me regularly. I was given plenty of time to rest and had even sent Keith home to sleep, shower, eat, and pick up the new car seat and stroller set we had paid down on at The Baby Room in Pickering. He didn’t want to leave us but really and truly, we were well taken care of in the hospital and should in case he was needed, he was just a phone call and 15-minute drive away.

While we were alone, just the two of us, I read Charlotte the first book she was ever gifted from when she was in the womb, I learned how to nurse her, we did skin-to-skin time, and the nurse taught me how to swaddle her like a little burrito. My first trip to the bathroom was accompanied by a nurse just in case I didn’t feel strong enough to walk by myself and/or felt that I needed additional support. I snoozed here and there but because I’m used to being up (not taking naps throughout the day) I was more or less intentional about the time I had in the hospital. I took time to shower and get myself looking as presentable as possible as there was a bathroom in the room for my fellow momma bear and I to share.

After I had done that, the nurse returned to teach me how to shower the baby. She used a small white plastic bin, warm water, Johnson’s & Johnson’s Baby body wash and shampoo and a small black comb for her hair. Charlotte basically screamed the entire time and the only reason why I didn’t panic is because the nurse was ever so gentle with her and confident in her abilities. As for me, while learning, I had to snap a couple of photos – of course. After her first bath, the nurse swaddled her right back up and put her to sleep in her little clear plastic bassinet.

When Keith returned, he looked refreshed and rejuvenated. Although I was very appreciative of the hospital food (honestly, I quite liked it even though it was a bit on the bland side), he came through with a box of pizza and boneless chicken bites (see, this is one of the many reasons why I married the man! He always makes sure my belly is full!). Since it was just the two of us, Keith had skin-to-skin time with our daughter as well and I enjoyed watching them bond. We had a handful (literally) of family and close friends who visited later on in the evening (they asked permission first) and it was a beautiful moment to share with them.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 Next Tuesday !

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