The First 24 Hours |Part 2


Alright so, Keith stayed the night and shared my hospital bed (meant for one person) with me. For the first hour or so, it was romantic and sweet but after that, I had to get up and stretch my legs because it was definitely not as comfortable as I had thought. Both baby and husband were fast asleep as I wrote up my labour and delivery story in the notes section of my phone AND responded to several text messages plus checked in on my various social media platforms. I wish I could say the night was quiet but the maternity floor was full and the newborn babies took turns crying their lungs out at full capacity. During the daytime, it was so calm and quiet you could almost hear a pin drop. At night, it was like all the newborns were determined to give us a crash course lesson on sleepless nights (insert rolling eyes emoji here). Keith got up and took Char on a stroll a couple of times (there were a few other fathers doing the exact same thing) and he was careful not to cross certain points because if he did, an alarm would go off. All babies wore what looked like an ankle bracelet to ensure they were not taken out of the boundaries of the maternity ward before they were properly discharged (I loved the security measures that were put in place).

The next morning, before we were discharged, we attended a breastfeeding class and after deliberately stalling so that I could get a free hospital lunch one more time, we got ready to leave. I dressed Charlotte in a onesie with small hearts printed all over it and a white soft toque that we were given when she was born by the hospital team. Keith went to get the new car seat (our new favourite toy) and we took turns trying to strap our daughter in. When we finally figured out what we were doing, I took a couple of keepsakes such as a couple of hospital blankets, the plastic bin that Charlotte had her first bath in and all of the paperwork I needed. We went to the nurses’ station to have it double-checked (a requirement) and we were discharged with well-wishes.

Before I even left the hospital, I knew that I would miss it. The team that I had the privilege of being cared by were amazing. The hospital food was a bit bland but the delivery of it was organized and full of potential. Although I wish I was sent home with a hospital goodie bag, I am grateful that my experience at NYGH was a great one. As we walked through the doors, I found myself taking a couple of deep and meaningful breaths. Life was about to get REAL. We were parents and it was time for us to embark upon this journey outside of the walls of North York General Hospital.

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