Our First Family Road Trip


Our first family road trip took place over Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in early October in Ottawa,ON,Canada. It’s about 4.5hrs from where we live. So, why Ottawa? Well, it’s where I spent six years of my entry into adulthood and it has become a place that is near and dear to Keith and I. It wasn’t our first time going to Ottawa to visit but it was going to be our first time since having baby Charlotte and it was also our first time staying for six days (thanks to winning two free nights at a hotel up there and having to use it up before 2017 ended).

On Thursday October 5th, Keith went to work for a morning shift (Error No. 1) and I was home organizing and packing to near perfection. When Keith finally got home, we had to rush to pick up the rental car (Error No. 2). That was an experience that included me being frazzled, frustrated and offended and the owner upgrading our choice of car for no extra charge (insert wink emoji here). By the time we actually left the city, it was around 9 or 10 at night (Error No. 3).

I had to highlight the three main errors because it serves as a reminder of what to do for next time. Keith and I had become used to taking road trips on our own but it was a completely different ball game because we had a two month old in the picture. We greatly underestimated our time and it’s a mistake we will hope not to repeat in the near future. Next time, Keith won’t work on the day we need to travel, all grooming will be completed prior to the day we leave, if we’re getting a rental (which we had never done before to go to Ottawa) we will get it prior to leaving as well and most importantly, we won’t drive at night with a young child. See, that was just plain foolish.

Out of the three main errors, we made it to our destination safely and we greatly enjoyed our time there with our Haitian family (no, we’re not actually Haitian) over the long weekend. By the time we were finished, Keith had been so immersed in French and Creole that it made my heart sing.

After we left on our Haitian household on Thanksgiving Monday, we checked into our hotel to use our two free nights and breakfast voucher. What we learned here was that we should always get a room with two beds. Although we co-sleep at home, it was easier to have a room with two queen-size beds to maximize our level of comfort. Our stay at Ottawa Delta was incredible. From the customer service that was provided to the excellent buffet breakfast selection, it was a delight to stay there once again and we look forward to another visit there in 2018.

As a former Ottawa resident, I should’ve been more prepared for the cold weather but overall, I think we did alright. Our time spent with family friends was amazing and just what we needed. We were also surprised with several gifts for Baby Charlotte and we are so thankful to be surrounded by such loving individuals who love on us and our newest addition. Life can be chaotic but it’s important to take time out to step back and enjoy it with the ones you love and who love you right back! For us, Ottawa is always a good idea.

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