Holiday Shenanigans


The holiday season rolls around every year and for me, it’s bittersweet and for the Husbter it’s literally, the most wonderful time of year. Since we married last summer, I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to be at a level of rainbows and skittles when Christmas is drawing near. To make a super long story short, the holidays are bittersweet for me simply because they are completely different from how I knew them to be growing up and that often makes me sad. It’s never easy to reflect on loss especially when it comes to the loss of a particular family structure

Nonetheless, Christmas 2016 marked the beginning of Keith and I creating our own holiday traditions and for 2017, we dreamed a little bigger and built upon what we had started. This year, we celebrated with our first born, Charlotte, who is affectionately known as Charlo/Char/Lo/Charlie. There wasn’t a day in December that went by that we didn’t speak of Christmas. Keith turned on the Christmas music station (93.1 FM) on Saturday November 27th, 2017 and it literally played every single day, all day throughout our humble abode. We never turned off the radio. We may have turned it down a little sometimes, but it was never turned off. We put up our little 4ft something tree that was just as humble as our home and within the week leading up to Christmas, we put our gifts for each other, Char, and others underneath it. On Christmas Day, we had breakfast, opened gifts, watched Christmas movies and then later went to my aunt’s for family dinner and karaoke.

On December 27th, we packed up our things and took our daughter’s godmother (Tatie Anne) to Muskoka for three days and two nights- the exact same place we honeymooned in July 2016. If you haven’t been to the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort and Spa, it’s a MUST. The customer service is stellar, the suites are the ultimate place of comfort, the food is seasoned to perfection, activities are plenty, and the vibe is just right. It is the perfect balance for two but also for a family of four – or more.

While there, I went to spa (best idea ever, especially for a new mama bear such as myself), Keith and I went into the outdoor pool (yes it was colder than -20 degrees but it was a thrilling experience), we took our little one swimming for the first time, and Tatie Anne enjoyed making s’mores for the first time in the fire pit that was at the front. Together, as a family, we enjoyed buffet breakfast, a la carte dinner, and live entertainment. We were extremely close to booking another night, but decided that we ought to head home when we originally planned. After all, it felt like we had been away for at least a week. It’s funny how moving away from the hustle and bustle Toronto will do that for you!

Our plan this holiday season was to enjoy time in our new home as a new family but to also enjoy it in one of our favourite places – JW Marriott Muskoka. As we come to the end of the holiday season, we find ourselves planning to visit again in the summer (probably to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary) and then in the winter for a family vacation.

I would like to specifically thank those who worked in The Lakes Cottages – Allan, Roland, Cathy and the hosts- who went above and beyond to make sure they served us with the greatest care and kindness, especially as we navigated the elegant space with our stroller and new baby. Continue to keep up the great work and we hope to see you all again in the better part of 2018!

To those who take the time to read my blog on Tuesdays, I would to say a deep and heartfelt thank-you. Happy New Year Everyone! May 2018 be your best one yet!

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