Six Months Earth-side With You


We can’t believe it has been six months since you’ve been earth-side with us sweet baby Charlotte! As much as I looked forward to the day, I didn’t realize that I would find myself being somewhat emotional about the day. Six months, we made it to the minimum mark I had set for myself to breastfeed. Six months of my maternity leave has been completed. Six months of seeing you grow and flourish under the hands of your daddy and I. We made it to six months!

I’m always interested for a celebration but unbeknownst to my loving Hubster, he didn’t know how much of a celebration I wanted to do in honour of Charlotte’s six month. I wanted a banner, a cake, a party hat and of course the best of photos. He drew the line at the banner when I reached to pick it up in the party aisle in Walmart. He asked me if this was just a thing I made up or if people actually celebrate a baby’s 1/2 birthday. In an attempt to not be dramatic, I assured him that it was a thing and told him that I could prove it with my Pinterest pins. Little did he know, I had a private board filled with half birthday celebration ideas.

In the end, we bought a half rectangle strawberry shortcake, stuck her monthly wood sign and candle in the cake and took a couple of pictures. I dressed her in her Bébé shirt purchased from Frannie + Lilo of We The Mamas, paired it with her fur vest from Joe Fresh and jeggings from Old Navy. Comfortable and cute is always the fashion goal around here!

You guys, our munchkin has been with us for half of a year and I’m already reminiscing on her newborn days – she isn’t even a toddler yet! Charlotte is full of smiles that has turned into laughter (she’s still working on sharing them with the world but so far, we’re making progress), she rolls perfectly both ways, she doesn’t go to bed as early as she used to but she’s still a great sleeper, she is tolerating all of the solids we have introduced her to thus far, she’s a healthy weight of 17lbs (from her most recent check-up), she allows me to wash, treat, and style her hair, she is learning French and goes to swimming classes and most importantly she is our little human that we grow more and more in love with everyday.

Six months. God, thank-you for giving us this amount of time with our little girl and we ask You to grant us many MANY more !

Xx See you guys in two weeks!

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