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Minimalistic Living with Baby


I’ve only been in this “game” of motherhood for six months and counting and yet, so much has happened. Although I was on a quest to adopt a minimalist lifestyle prior to getting pregnant with Charlotte, I was motivated even more to obtain this lifestyle at that thought of sharing our humble abode with another human being. While many say that babies are expensive, we have chosen a route that works well for us so that it hasn’t proven to be entirely true (at least not up until this point). There are many affordable resources at our finger tips and it’s just a matter of taking some time to identify what you and your baby needs and matching it to the available resources.

From newborn up to six months, here is what a minimalistic lifestyle has looked like with baby Charlotte.


•Stork Supply – Currently, this is only a local Toronto business that works perfectly for our lifestyle. We have rented an Ergobaby carrier and a Skip Hop Explore and More Baby’s View 3 Stage Activity Centre. By using this service, we have been able to save money and let go of the item when we no longer need it. The customer service provided by Stork Supply is absolutely stellar and they bring the item of your choice right to your door.

•Baby Health App – This is a free app powered by Telus (coincidentally, our cellphone provider) that gives parents the option of having a digital record of their child(ren) at the touch of a button on their smartphone. In this app, you can store immunization records, growth charts, medications, allergies and emergency contacts. In our family, this means that both Keith and I can keep Charlotte’s medical information on us at all times. The information is kept secure by a four digit pin created by you.

Baby Box University – “An educational service provided by The Baby Box Co. in coordination with committed medical professionals, maternal health advocates, child development specialists, and our sponsors for the purposes of reducing infant mortality and empowering parents” (Baby Box University, 2018).

Depending on where you live, you can receive a free baby box for your baby (literally to sleep in) along with a goodie bag.

Nestle – Here is another great site that parents can register with to receive free samples and products for their baby. Just like everything else I mentioned, it’s simple and easy to sign up!


In the beginning, I insisted on using all-natural products on Charlotte (and I still do) but I have switched three times since she was born. Initially, I used an all-natural Baby Castille body wash that I purchased from Winners but I found that it didn’t clean her well. Then, I switched to Cetaphil Baby that I purchased from Shoppers Drug Mart but it was expensive for the size and I ended up wasting a lot of the soap because of how it is designed to leave the bottle. Even if I squeezed the bottle gently, too much came out of the bottle every single time. Currently, we use Live Clean Baby body wash and lotion (mixed with Vaseline for extra moisture) that I bought from Walmart. We bought the big bottle that comes with a pump and I believe we get more bang for our buck this way. It’s light, smells amazing, and does a great job of cleaning Charlotte.


When we found out we were having a girl, I found myself repeating mantras of “do not shop” over and over again so that I didn’t get carried away with purchasing a bunch of things that I may not have needed in the long run – long story short, I’m glad I didn’t get carried away because we simply did not have the space to entertain a shopoholic habit for myself AND a baby.

A dear friend, C, gifted us all the newborn to three months clothing we would ever need and we received a bunch more from close friends and family. Before Charlotte arrived, I had help from my friend J, to wash and organize them in a small organization system.

Taking a minimalistic approach has worked well for us and our pockets because all it requires is keeping things as simple as possible at all times. I highly encourage any new parent-to-be or parent to take advantage of all the resources that are available in the area. Remember, they have been put in place for a reason! If there are any more that you may know of, please drop them in the comments section.

Xx Colleen

See you all in two weeks!

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