Charlotte’s First Shopping Spree


Hey Friends!

Over the past weekend, we had the opportunity to go to an exclusive shopping party hosted by H&M Vaughn Mills in celebration of their 20% off Kids Collection when $60+ is spent in-store. This promotional event started on March 22nd and will run until April 8th. While there, we received a gift card to use anywhere in the store but I decided to use the opportunity to do some Spring shopping for Charlotte. We received so many clothes for her when she was a newborn up to six months and while a few pieces still fit her here and there, Charlotte definitely needed a Spring refresh in her wardrobe.We woke up bright and early to attend the event and we were welcomed in a cheerful manner. The store was brightly lit, clean, and organized. We weren’t the only family in the store and yet, the experience was a relaxed and fun one! The H&M staff were very knowledgeable about the products that were available and I didn’t have any problem putting together outfit ideas because of the well-dressed mannequins that serves as great inspirations for how I would want to dress Charlotte. Everything I wanted was in stock and I left feeling accomplished. I wanted to get a few bright and spring/summer pieces for my favourite girl and I was successful in doing so!I found the prices to be affordable and of course, having the additional 20% meant that I could get even more bang for my buck. Although I had to exercise some self-control in the store, I was able to get clothes that would give the most mileage, so to speak. From my gift card, I purchased the following items in sizes 6-9 months and 9-12 months:

• Two sets of basic tank onesies for Charlotte to wear under her church dresses and shirts (3 for 2 promotion) $12.99 ↴

• Navy and white striped cotton dress (3 for 2 promotion) $7.99 ↴

• Light blue and white sleeveless dress with a doll-style collar $19.99 ↴

• Denim chambray jumpsuit $19.99 ↴

• Denim short sleeve denim dress with coloured pom poms $19.99 ↴

• Light wash denim skinny jeans $14.99↴

• A 3 pack assortment of stretchy cotton headbands $7.99 and a 2-pack stretchy cotton headbands $7.99↴

All-in-all, it was a great experience and I look forward to going back soon and purchasing some more items for Charlotte and myself !


See you all next week Tuesday!

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***PLEASE NOTE: I am fully aware of the backlash (and rightfully so) that this brand received for a recent highly controversial campaign that was marketed. Just as people make mistakes, big corporations do as well. In shopping in this store, I acknowledge that they accept full responsibility for such a poorly-made decision and will strive to make better decisions concerning all elements that fall under the umbrella term of ‘diversity’ when it comes to doing so at the appropriate time. ***

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