How We Met


Hi Friends!

As much as I love sharing our daughter, the reality is that she would cease to exist if there was no union between my husband and I. Today, I’m sharing how Keith and I became who we are today.Keith and I met unexpectedly at an annual church event that took place in Toronto back in June 2014. We were introduced by friends (gorgeous married couple named S & A) and exchanged polite pleasantries. I didn’t think much about the encounter and I don’t think Keith did either. We went over to our friend’s’ place for lunch and in my journey to finding an iron for my maxi dress, I ended up having the opportunity to speak in depth with Keith some more. Our conversation began with a compliment and ended with us exchanging phone numbers. I was also a ‘selfie queen’ so I had to snap a selfie with him to document the start of our new friendship.At the time, I lived in Ottawa (4.5-5hrs away from Toronto) and I had extended an invitation to him to come up and visit for a weekend. I didn’t think that he would actually take me up on it because the reality is that I have moved back home to Toronto (it’s now April 2018) and I’m still waiting for some friends who said they would visit, to visit. A few days later, our married friends and their son, along with Keith informed me that they were coming for the weekend. I was beyond excited, after all, I loved having visitors. The weekend with the crew was amazing. I had a blast showing them around Ottawa and just having a good ole time. The weather was absolute perfection and the vibes were just as amazing. Over that same weekend, only knowing Keith for a week, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I accepted on July 5th, 2014. Little did I know how monumental that date would become for us moving forward. Some may call it a luck, others may call it fate, but we call it a meeting orchestrated by God and so we know that us meeting at the time that we did was not a coincidence. I say this because while the church event we attended takes place every year, I had stopped attending for a number of years because it was a hassle to leave Ottawa to get to Toronto on a Friday just to be back on a Sunday afternoon so that I could be at work on Monday morning. I went that year because I was asked to participate in a teaching activity for the youth sector. Keith, on the other hand, had overslept and would’ve missed his ride to the event, but thankfully, our friends were running late and waited for him. Sometimes, Keith and I reminisce of the day we met and how we grew in love so quickly and unapologetically. I look forward to sharing more of our journey with you all as it has been one helluva journey thus far.

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