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…One of my goals as a married woman and mother is to keep up with how I maintain myself from the inside to the outside. Unlike many women, you will never find me breaking my neck to go to the nail salon. This is mainly due to the fact that I used to play the piano and having long nails was an absolute no-no. Thus, I grew having my nails maintained at a very short length. For many women, having their nails done is what makes them feel incredible, mines is having my hair done. It is one of the many ways in which I participate in self-care.

 For as long as I can remember, I have admired the natural and protective hairstyles of my fellow black women. Most recently, I have been specifically obsessed with how wig units and weave installations have evolved.


After scouring countless hair inspirations on YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram, I decided that I would take the plunge and invest in a unit that would be my ‘go-to’ mommy hairstyle . I had a idea of what I wanted in my mind and while I was scrolling on Instagram one day, I saw a hair post by Tracy (owner of House of Elite) that was exactly what I was searching for! I asked her to send me the details and after an additional question and answer session, I paid my deposit and reserved a unit to be made.

Have you ever wanted something so badly, it is all you could think about? Well, that was me! The day finally came for me to go and pick up my unit. Once Tracy was done hooking your girl up, I felt like a brand new woman and I have continue to feel like one every single time I don this simple, chic and effortless hairstyle.

What I love most about this style is that it is perfect for my ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle and maintenance is minimal. On a regular day, all I do is put on my stocking cap (my natural hair is always moisturized and sealed underneath in plaits or two cornrows), put on my unit, and if I have time, I put in a couple of extra curls using a slim flat iron et voila! I’m ready to go! 


I’ve had this unit for a little over a month and I have worn it a number of times. I have no complaints about it and best of all, the hair sheds very minimally. It is a frontal closure wig, in a natural black, and the length on me falls right at my shoulders. The construction, colour, and customer service provided by Tracy was phenomenal. This beautiful hairstylist is located in Brampton, Ontario and although I live in the East end of Toronto, it was worth the drive. You can see more of Tracy’s work on Instagram (@houseofelite) where you will see that she offers a wide range of hair services.


Based on what I have described, do you think I managed to accomplish what I was looking for? Let me know what you think & what your go-to hairstyles are!

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