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My First Mother’s Day


Last year, for Mother’s Day, Keith surprised me with a Papyrus Mama-to-Be card, a baby book and a Kate Spade Tumbler. I remember when he surprised me with my gifts. It was totally unexpected and it caused me to burst into tears of gratefulness. This year, he planned for me to have a whole day of relaxation. On Mother’s Day, things did not go according to plan (not even remotely close) and Keith was deeply disappointed. I will admit that throughout the course of the morning/early afternoon, my mood plateaued about two or three times as well.

By mid-day we decided to keep it simple and spend time with our favourite first daughter eating at a nearby gem. He held onto a very busy body Charlotte, the best way he could, and I was able to eat my meal while it was hot and be entertained simultaneously. I assured Keith that because I am a mother everyday (nine months later, I’m still in awe of the fact that we’re parents) he can surprise me at anytime with his original plan and I would enjoy it just as much.

We ended the night by laughing our heads off as we binge- watched Kim’s Convenience on Netflix (A Toronto-based comedy) until 2am.

I may not have been pampered the way Keith believed I deserved but I was showered with all the love and appreciation my soul needed and that’s all that mattered to me! I am thankful to be in this role and to have such a title. My first official Mother’s Day was far from what Keith had in mind but it was a reminder that even when life doesn’t go according to plan, I can still find joy amidst the disappointment if I’m willing to look close enough. To all my mama bears, I hope your Mother’s Day was a beautiful one. For those who weren’t able to celebrate with their mothers the way their heart would’ve wanted, my thoughts and love go out to you as well.

See you next week!

Xx Yours Truly


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