Style Date: Coffee & Converse


Hi Friends!

Is it me or has summer arrived in the City of Toronto? Alas, I believe my favourite season of the year is finally here (cue happy dance)!

I had this cute idea of going on a mommy and baby date to Starbucks last week and boy, was it more work than I had thought it would be! The idea in my mind was innocent enough. All I wanted to do was have a grande passion fruit lemonade and a slice of banana bread with Charlotte and people-watch. What really ended up happening was me trying to hold onto my straw that Charlotte kept wrapping her little hands around and pulling out of its place and me begrudgingly sharing some of my banana bread.

We had the gorgeous Brittany (of @nudelipstix) with us and she managed to snap some priceless photos of Charlotte and I hanging out on the Starbucks patio and well as indoors enjoying the air conditioning system. Thanks to her, I look like I have my life somewhat together while trying to balance my summer drink and a squirming infant.

The greatest part of our evening was watching Charlotte eagerly walk down the street and take me along for a ride. I felt hot, sticky and somewhat disoriented after the whole ordeal but it was worth it to see the smiles of glee (or mischief) on my little one’s face. It also helped that because we were matching each other quite comfortably in white tops, denim pants, and white converse shoes. I felt proud of myself for pulling off such a casual look for the evening. Even if our ‘date’ was a bit chaotic, at least our attire would be anything but!They say the path to hell is paved with good intentions. And so, maybe we’ll try this Starbucks date again when she’s a little bit older.


See you next Tuesday!


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