Keith’s First Father’s Day


Hello Everyone! Happy Tuesday!

This year was Keith’s First (official) Father’s Day and as he wanted to do for me on Mother’s Day, I wanted to make his day super special. I remember when we found out we were having a girl, Keith was overjoyed. Although he would’ve been just as happy for a boy, he said that he felt that his mind and heart were prepared for a girl.

There is something that I can’t quite place my finger on to explain what having a daughter means to us but it’s something truly special. For Father’s Day, I gave Keith the gift of relaxation. He works hard on a regular basis at his work and also, within our home. Charlotte and I are blessed to have him in our lives occupying the space and the role that he does.

Our day started off with a little picnic at a nearby park. Keith didn’t know what we were doing or where we were going for the day until we arrived at our destination. I went all out in the sense that I made sure I bought the red and white gingham pattern fabric to give it a more authentic picnic feel. To make life simple, I cooked a light breakfast that morning and packed it up, along with some snacks and drinks. Before we ate, I gave him a card and he opened his small gift being a glass mug that he proudly had a refreshing drink of ice tea in!

After our picnic, I gave him directions to our second surprise of the day which ended up being at the S&N Beauty Bar in the west-end of the city. At the beauty bar, Keith was treated to a Gentleman’s Facial. We arrived early to our appointment and Keith was seen shortly after arriving. The facial lasted approximately 45 minutes and was so relaxing that he fell asleep halfway through. When he was done, his skin looked rejuvenated and Keith grinned from ear-to-ear.

We ended the night by having dinner at Nicey’s Eatery in our neighbourhood and enjoyed the food and live DJ that was on site. All-in-all, it was a beautiful day spent with the gentleman of our household and we had a blast celebrating him all day in a very special way. I hope all of you enjoyed your Father’s Day to the fullest. You are loved and greatly appreciated. We would also like to acknowledge those who were not able to do so with their father for whatever reason and send love and light their way.

PC: Professional Photos from Jessica Blaine Smith

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