Our Two Year Wedding Anniversary


Hi Everyone!

It really does feel good to be writing again after an unintentional break – Inserts Shiggy Dance here. Over the past two weeks, there is so much that has happened but the one I will speak of today is the celebration of our two year wedding anniversary.Last year, we celebrated in a low-key manner because I was a month shy of giving birth to Charlotte but this year, we got to include her a little bit – lucky much? We decided to celebrate over the span of two days. Keith was responsible for the first day (July 4th) and I was responsible for our actual day (July 5th). He surprised me by taking me to La Terre Bleu Lavender Farm (somewhere we wanted to visit last summer) and we ended the night with dinner.

On our actual anniversary, he surprised me with a gift (go ahead and take a guess of whether it was something I could use or wear – I’ll wait). I surprised him with a full evening with a couples’ package at the Elmwood Spa downtown Toronto. After our experience there, I don’t even have to wonder how it made the BlogTO’s list of Toronto Best Top 10 Spas. I’m sure you wan to know how the night ended but you know, I don’t always kiss and tell! After two years of marriage, there is so much that we have learned but I will share that in another post because add a pair of newlyweds and a baby to the mix and you’ve got one helluva experience. To my amazing husband, thank-you for staying committed to the vows that you made on our wedding day. I look forward to celebrating many more with you! Xx See you all next week!

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