Maternity Photoshoot - Round Two

Our Second Family Roadtrip


If you didn’t know before, you will learn that our favourite place to road-trip to is Ottawa. We decided to visit for Canada Day weekend and we had a great time. There are a couple of things we did differently and some things worked – others, not so much and I’ll quickly highlight them below.

So, the first thing we did was make sure that the Hubster wasn’t working on the day that we were going out of town. We used to be able to get away with working on the morning that we would travel but life is different with a little munchkin in tow. He was able to get a decent amount of rest the night before we left out and therefore, he was ready fi di road.

Secondly, because I’m the one who packs for all of us, I decided to use packing cubes that I ordered from Amazon. This came highly recommended by an amazing woman, wife, and fellow mama named Monet Hambrick who travels frequently with her family. If you aren’t following @thetravelingchild on Instagram, what are you doing? She is the ultimate resource when it comes to travelling with children! Using packing cubes is something I would use over and over again because it kept our clothes organized thus making it easier to locate what we needed easily.

Thirdly, we decided to travel during the day – big mistake. We usually travel at night but thought that this time around it would be better for us to travel during the day since our sweet girl is still little. Let’s just say – never again will I be tempted to do that, at least not for a road trip. We hit traffic (joy killer in my humble opinion) and it took significantly longer for us to reach our destination. Not to mention, it was insanely hot and so the AC in the car didn’t feel as refreshing as it would’ve been had we been travelling at night.

After we finished with our shenanigans in Ottawa, we made an impromptu decision to go to Montreal for the night. We left Ottawa at night and arrived in Montreal a little over two hours later (unfortunately there were more detours awaiting us) but it was well worth it when we pulled up at the AC Hotel Montreal and checked in.

The service by the overnight team (followed by the morning team and concierge Fred) was incredible. Our room was super modern and comfortable. I would tell you to ask Charlotte but she would’ve been too busy having the best sleep of her life to know how to answer that question. The next morning, we went to the pool at the hotel and all I know is that the temperature was perfect and the view was lovely as well.

We spent some time touring downtown Montreal as best as we could in the heat and then made a stop at Poutineville before heading home to Toronto.

I cannot believe that although I had spent six years in Ottawa, I had never ventured over to Montreal. Nonetheless, it was a case of ‘better late than never’ because i got to enjoy it with my babe and baby. All in all, it was a great way to finish off my maternity leave as a family. We made great memories together and we’re looking forward to many more!

Xx See you next time!

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