A Year in Charlotte’s Hair


Mother and daughter matching ankara print hair bonnets

In the Black community, the topic of hair (specifically for women) is a big deal. From texture to length and everything in between, there is no shortage of Black Girl Magic over here but it took us, as a community, quite some time to see it and embrace it wholeheartedly. Some people are not there yet and well, that’s on them! I learned how to braid hair at the tender age of six and I have been obsessed ever since. There’s really nothing that I don’t already know about hair care and products.

I am thankful for the rise of natural hair movement because to be quite honest, the lusting over straight and chemically treated hair was becoming overrated. Don’t get me wrong, at one point, all I wanted was to have a sleek ponytail that resembled that of Zoe Saldana. But I am happy that my love for natural hair itself has never changed. I believe that ‘good hair’ is ‘healthy hair’ and that is all I ever aspire to have for myself and my daughter, Charlotte.

Toddler hairstyling at the bathroom sinkWith much care and intentionality, Charlotte’s hair has grown tremendously and I take great pride and joy in doing her hair. Charlotte was born with a good amount of curls on the top of her head (the crown) and the back filled in as quickly as it could afterwards. And no, she never had a bald spot. I have used Organigrow products (highly recommend and I did a product review on it as well as her newborn hair care regimen in a previous blog post) and currently, I am using the Crème of Nature shampoo and conditioner along with Camille Rose Kids leave-in conditioner and hair butter. I also use Jamaican Black Castor Oil faithfully!

Cream of Nature Shampoo and ConditionerCamille Rose Naturals Kids Leave-In Conditioner and Brown Butter Melt hair products

Apart from the role genetics plays, I keep Charlotte’s hair as moisturized as possible. If there is anything that Black hair ever needs, it’s moisture, patience, and some TLC. Luckily for this little girl, her mama has secured all three! I normally do Charlotte’s hair while she is awake but this past weekend, I did it while she was asleep and it was super easy so I think this may be the route I will take moving forward – at least for those styles that require a bit more time. I still wash her hair once a week and I comb it a number of time throughout the week as well. But, I will be moving towards only twice a week (once to begin the week and the second time is to have it done for church).Wash Day Routine

I want Charlotte to grow up loving her crown of curls and never second-guessing for a moment that perhaps God had made a mistake with her. In a world that teaches us how to love – and lust after – everything someone else has, I want her to love herself and be confident in her God-given abilities. We joke about wash days being a pain and shrinkage being a struggle but I would like to challenge and change the narrative around that. In our home, hair time is special mommy-and-me time and no, it doesn’t need to take the whole day to get it done nor does it need to be something we dread!

Sleeping Baby while hair gets done

To all my mamas who have sweet melanin babes, let us continue to encourage and foster a love for natural hair – no matter its length or texture.

Cornrows and plaits for sleeping baby hair

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