Comfort Chic Meets Castle Loma


As the title gives away, I found myself at Castle Loma again but this time with my sweet and talented friend, K. We met up at Union Station, downtown Toronto, and took a 10-15 minute train ride to DuPont Station. From there, we walked (or hiked, depending on your perspective) to the grandiose Castle Loma. K wore a simple but beautiful LBD with black sandal heels. I decided to sport a comfortable yet chic outfit that consisted of a black bodysuit, paper bag style trousers with all-black converse shoes that I later switched into black suede slingback heels.

The last Soul in the City event was scheduled to take place and that’s what brought us there. We aimed to get their early enough so we could capture some photos around the grounds and I’m so glad we did.

After we finished our mini-photoshoot we opted to sit to the side of the stage where the performance would take place. On the side, there was no minimum spending requirement but under the chandeliers and in the garden, you were required to spend a minimum of $20/person for food. Apart from the fact that there was only one table left for preferably, a party of four, all seats were already reserved. But anyhow, our humble seating was just as great! All-in-all, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the summer season. The crowd was energetic and many chose to get up and dance as if nobody was watching, the fashion was beautiful, the music was on point, the vibe was just right. So, if you missed out this year, make sure you don’t next summer because it only gets better and better every year!

•Outfit Details

Top: Urban Behaviour bodysuit

Pants: Winners

Shoes: Winners

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