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I Cannot Wait to Pay for Daycare – Said No One Ever (I Think)


Hey Everyone!

Let’s jump into today’s topic shall we? How often have you heard that kids are expensive to have and daycare even more so? I’m all about transparency here and let me tell you, these statements, amongst many others, are what I have heard time and time again. For some, this is a deterrent for having children but for us, obviously it was not.

In the months leading up to the end of my maternity leave, I was asked several times what our plans were for childcare for Charlotte if I decided to return to work. Well, we all know by now that I definitely returned to work and I can say that our daughter is NOT in daycare. Yes, I checked out two and for one of them I was thoroughly impressed because it was a French daycare and they seemed to offer everything I would want in childcare. The other daycare was great and within walking distance of our house. I had two great options but they each came with a price tag that was far too large for us.

Allow me to be 100% transparent in this post because I haven’t found many who will be. Even with subsidy (we were encouraged to apply and try our luck) the cost would be approximately $1200/month. When I sat down with our caseworker and she did the calculations, I was a bit disappointed but not surprised. After all, Keith and I work and there are families out there who have one income and struggling to get through each day. So, I understood why daycare wouldn’t be cheaper than that and so, I didn’t argue with it or try to be slick and get a cheaper cost.

Once we confirmed that we would indeed have to pay approximately $1200/month for daycare and still be responsible for providing a number of things for her there, we decided that it would not work for us. Not only was the amount insanely large but it would quite literally swallow up the majority of my paycheque with little to no room to pay for anything else.

My MIL and SIL came in from the beautiful island of Jamaica as they always do but his time, they helped us with Charlotte and we didn’t have to worry about childcare at all. However, the last few days before they left I have to admit, I panicked a little bit because I didn’t really have a set plan.

So, now it has been about two and a half weeks (give or take) and Charlotte is being cared for in our home by a lovely woman who has quickly become a grandmother figure to her. There are still many moving parts but God is showing up and showing out for us and all we have to do is have faith the size of a mustard seed. As the blessings are poured out, I will continue to share but for now, we’re are in a good place and my heart is happy about that!

Xx See you all next week!

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