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Same Look – Two Ways


Happy Tuesday My Loves,

After I had Charlotte, I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t pleased with my body. I had more curves than I ever had and I was left with stretch marks that we’re present throughout the majority of my pregnancy but then magically appeared a week or two before Charlotte was born. What was left of my body (especially now that I have completed breastfeeding for real) is not the same as it was pre-baby and of course, there is no way that it could ever be. There is a lot of pressure to ‘snapback’ and I’m here to say that if you do and you’re looking like breakfast, lunch and dinner all rolled into one – kudos to you! However, there are many mamas out there who are still struggling with how to dress their ‘new bodies’ in a way that makes them feel like they are at their very best. I am not a stylist but I am a recovering shopaholic who loves to put various clothing pieces together. The motivation behind this portion of my blog was driven by the fact that the styles I’ve seen for the post-partum body were either super frumpy and out of style or simply unrealistic and/or nonexistent with the exception of the mom jeans because those are just super trendy.

A simple summer to fall transitional outfit would look like this – a fedora, a cami, girlfriend jeans, loafers and of course shades to hide the (sometimes) red eyes that scream a need for sleep. This same look can be used for an impromptu night out with the ladies where I would trade in my loafers for slingback heels and ditch the Pharrel-inspired fedora.

Quick, simple, easy and chic that are pulled together in the most effortless way is the name of THIS mom game. How do you think I did?

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