Pink Blush meets Her Social Groove & Baby (AGAIN)


Happy Friday Everyone !

I know, I know, I’ve been missing in action for a little while now and I promise I will tell you where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to in due time. In the mean time, I’m back and with the Pink Blush brand in tow – literally. All the pieces you see featured on today’s post are from Pink Blush!

It’s no secret that I am on a quest to learn how to dress my postpartum body, continue to be comfortable in my own skin and inspire other mamas who may find themselves in the same boat as I am. Pink Blush does a great job of providing stylish, comfortable and affordable clothing for expecting mamas and mamas right across the board. This is why I have chosen to work with them because they have designed things for bodies like mine.

Thanks to our American friend who have just finished celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday season, they have opened the doors for us to enjoy Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that follow right after that celebration. Pink Blush is STILL having up to 60% (At checkout, use the code CYBERMONDAY) off their items right across their site and if I were you, I would hop on board and check out what they have.

Also, as an attempt to make up for my unexpected absence, I figured what better way to re-emerge than with hosting my FIRST ever ! So, I’ve teamed up with Pink Blush to host a giveaway on Instagram and it is incredibly simple – because, let’s be real, the next best thing to being able to see a great giveaway is to be able to enter it very easily. With that being said, here are the rules….

1 – Follow ME

2 – Follow @shoppinkblush

3 – Tag a mama/ mama-to-be in the comments section below – as many as you would like.

4 – Check your DM to see if you’ve won on Saturday December 1st at 5pm EST.

I hope you have forgiven me for being so silent and I promise I will give you that story soon! In the mean time, head over to my IG page and enter this giveaway!

Xx Her Social Groove & Baby

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