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Burnt Out Wife & Mama


It’s been two weeks since I came to the realization that I was crashing and burning – FAST. I have been going through the motions, as I’m certain many of us do, as I navigate through life as a wife and mom. While this may work for some, it’s not the life I signed up for but at the same time, there is only one of me and I can only be in one place at a time and the same goes for the completion of tasks, no matter how much I like to think I am skilled at multitasking.

From cooking breakfast and lunch for all of us at 5:45am to doing the morning drop-offs for our daughter, Charlotte, rushing to my half-time job with the school board to rushing to my full-time job in the evenings to rushing home at the end of the work day so the Hubster can get to work on time for HIS overnight shift, this wife and mama was burning out and had just about reached her breaking point.

It just seemed like too much and truthfully, I needed a way out. But the reality is, there was no way out that would allow my little family and I to be truly happy. After all, there was no desire to shave off my hair and go backpacking around Europe alone and thankfully that is because of my lack of an adventurous spirit. Maybe this would work for some, but for me, that was not the ‘escape’ that I desired. I had to find something that was realistic and something that would work for me. So, on one of those days, you know the most stressful ones, two weeks ago, I decided to call in sick to work and after dropping Charlotte off, I returned home and relaxed! I even had an unexpected afternoon nap that was over two hours long.

The Hubster picked up Charlotte later that day, we came home, had Thai food for dinner and watched Christmas movies. Keith didn’t ask me to lift one finger that entire evening. He did his normal evening routine with Charlotte as he would when I am not there.

Listen, a burnt out wife and mother does NOBODY good and as much as a spa day always sounds like a great idea, it won’t always be within budget – hell, it definitely isn’t in mines – so I had to find something that was super realistic, simple, and affordable. When I take care of myself regularly, I am a better person for myself, my husband and our daughter and for that reason alone, it is of the utmost importance to make sure I check in with myself more regularly.

Fellow wives & mamas, I see you. It’s not easy but every single thing you do, it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated it even when it feels like that is what is happening. Remember to speak up for yourself and keep the lines of communication open with your spouses if you are in a relationship. Most importantly, be kind and be patient with yourself at all times.


See you all next week Tuesday!

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