18 Months in Charlotte’s Hair


I have a deep love for hair – specifically, black women’s natural hair. This love started at a very early age and the obsession has yet to die down. I remember one year when I celebrated my 25th birthday with close friends, I looked around the table and every single woman there was a natural woman who I felt I had empowered in some way or sort.

Having a daughter simply meant that I would be able to do the same and I would like to think that after 18 months, I have done a somewhat decent job. Charlotte’s Hair has flourished and I couldn’t be anymore proud. Her routine has changed a bit just as the products have so I will bring you up to speed of where we are .

(A) Charlotte’s hair routine now consists of washing 1x a month (currently using Up North Naturals for her wash day) and co-washing (using only conditioner) in between.

(B) I only apply Jamaican Black Castor Oil to her scalp on wash day. I have stopped using it more than that because it is such a heavy oil and I do not want her scalp to be clogged. At all other times, I use jojoba oil as it’s very light with an incredible scent.

(C) I stick to Camille Rose Kids leave-in conditioner and Camille Rose butter to seal everything in.

I moisturize and seal regularly (approximately every other day) by simply spraying Charlotte’s scalp and the length of her hair with a mixture of water and leave-in conditioner and then I seal it with the jojoba oil and butter.

Because I work two jobs, I find that styling and refreshing Charlotte’s hair every morning is not realistic for either one of us. Instead, I have found myself braiding her hair in small sections and leaving her hair alone for the week (maximum of two weeks). I do not untwist or rebraid which means that I have accepted that frizz will occur and as long as she doesn’t look raggedy, it can stay until the end of the week.

I cannot wait to see how much more her hair will flourish over the next six months. Feel free to give her hair journey a follow over on Instagram @herhairischarlotte.

Xx see you all next week!

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