Motherhood After Dark

While The Hubster Was Away


For the first five days of this month, I had the pleasure of parenting alone temporarily because the Hubster had been away for the during of that time.

That specific weekend, was a heavily emotional one that consisted of us both attending funerals for loved ones in two different places. Prior to this time, neither one of us had been left alone with Charlotte for more than a few hours at a time so it was quite the experience.

I enjoyed my quality time with my sweet girl during the waking hours but the nights were long and tiresome to say the least. Charlotte cried for three out of the four nights that Keith was away. I didn’t understand right away but by the third night, it clicked in to ask her if she missed our favourite man of the house. I simply said ‘daddy’ and she stopped crying, smiled and repeated his name over and over again until she fell asleep. What a heartstring pulling moment!

I missed my husband and I understood that Charlotte missed her daddy as well. There have been quite a few changes since we have started this parenthood journey together and if there is anything that I have learned over that weekend, it was that Charlotte was truly no longer an ‘unaware’ newborn but rather, a growing, thriving and active toddler. Also, thanks to an incredible app called ‘Wonder Weeks’ I am able to better understand and be more patient during the stormy periods of her developmental growth.

Keith returned home late on day five but you better believe when I heard the key turn in the door, I sprinted out up out of my sleep to greet him with arms open wide ! They say distance makes the heart fonder and in this case, it was most certainly true. This is not a journey for the faint of heart (just like marriage) but I am appreciative of what I have learnt and what I will continue to learn along the way!

Special S/O to the men and women who single parent their children with great intentionality. You are simply our world’s superheros!

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