The Baby Reid Experience – AGAIN


S U R P R I S E !

Guess whose going to be a big sister?! None other than our sweet girl, Charlotte. Let’s just jump right into things, after all, that’s what you’re here for right?

I found out I was pregnant back in October after opting to take a Clear Blue Advance digital test (the exact same one I took to find out if I was pregnant with Charlotte in late 2016). I had suspected that I was expecting because of an increased appetite and a missed period and my suspicions were absolutely correct . My response to this positive test result was … I KNEW IT! Exactly that.

Charlotte’s status as an only child will expire in June which gives her approximately two months and change to spin us around in circles with all things concerning ONLY her. It would be nice if she also found her way back into her own bed during this time as well!

So, there you have it! The biggest secret of 2019 for our family is officially out and it feels good to finally share it with all of you who have been following along since I have decided to officially blog my family and I’s journey. We will gladly accept love and well-wishes as we transition into being a family of four.

Special thanks to Pink Blush for gifting me this super colourful and beautiful dress to make my announcement in. It’s vibrant colour and fit for my growing belly is one that I love even more that I have it as apart of my minimalist maternity wardrobe.

Xx Colleen | Her Social Groove & Baby


Photos Courtesy of Focused Incorporated.

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