The Road Less Travelled


If you were to ask my parents about the kind of daughter I am, they would probably say that I am the one who always asked ‘why’, I’m the one who was extremely organized just as I was sociable and I was the one who enjoyed painting the town red.

Simply put, I was the one who took the road less travelled.

I went from being a A-student right across the board to being a student who struggled to pass her classes. I barely graduated from high school and boy, that was a tough pill to swallow because I realized that I would no longer be able to pursue my original dreams of being a paediatrician and would have to go after my second love, law.

I applied to the University of Ottawa and happily moved out of my parents’ home and in a way, their life. While there, I grew, and grew, and grew. I would like to believe that my parents were proud of me but they still could not understand me. I had plans upon plans and many of them I saw through while others, I didn’t.

After six years, a ton of experiences ranging from incredible to not-so incredible, and $50,000 later, I finished university.

It is now 2019, I have a degree collecting dust on my fireplace mantel while working in a field where I still wonder if is truly for me. I am not exactly near where I thought I would be but I couldn’t be any more in love with the season of life that I am in.

I took the road less travelled and while some may wonder why, I am glad I did. In short, I am happy to share my life with the one who challenges, motivates, and prays for me on a consistent basis. I am proud to be a mom who insists on parenting in an intentional manner. I am proud to be an integral part of a bigger family via blood, marriage and friends.

We don’t have much, but we have everything we need and for that, I am extremely grateful. As the Hubster reminds me, we are almost where we want to be and more than ever I am starting to truly believe it. We know what that means to us and that is what matters.

Over here, we make mistakes but we love hard and our journey has only just begun!

Xx Colleen | Her Social Groove & Baby

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