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Maternity Photoshoot – Round Two


When it came to brainstorming a concept for my maternity photoshoot session for Baby Reid No. 2 it felt like it was a forever long process. I searched high and low for inspiration and genuinely struggled with finding the perfect concept. Because the time was drawing near to my due date, I knew that I would have to contact our milestone photographer, Jessica Blaine Smith, and let her know that I was not only expecting but in need of her services again … and soon.

As per usual, Jess was quick to respond. We set up a date and went back and forth discussing the necessary details. From there, I hit the ground running like I haven’t in awhile.In the end, we settled on Woodside Beach in downtown Toronto at sunrise. Yep, you heard me correctly! We planned to take photos at sunrise with our toddler and although everything fell into place in the end, let’s just say it wasn’t a super easy feat with a tired and cranky toddler BUT it was well worth it! It meant the world to me to capture my family as it was embracing the change that was about to come and I am so glad I did!

Many heartfelt thanks to Jessica Blaine Smith (@jbsmith) who is always able to capture the essence of my heart in photos! Special thanks to Sarah (@heyitsbluish) for ensuring that I received the perfect tulle skirt for my photos. And of course my to my love, Keith, who has learned to show up with a smile and willing attitude for all these photo sessions that I love to do, thank-you!

Mama Outfit Highlight #1: White dress (Amazon)

Mama Outfit Highlight #2: Tulle skirt (Bluish)

Xx See you all next week!


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