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Chelsea’s Birth Story


On Saturday June 1st, 2019, I woke up around 3am with what felt like contractions. We planned to go to church but didn’t bother because of how I was feeling. By about 6:30am we decided to go to the hospital so I could find out if I was even dilated. When the nurses checked me into triage, I was 5cm and baby was in a good position but they wanted her to come down and for the mucus to thin out some more. I walked around for two hours in to hallway and when I was checked again approximately two hours later, I was at 8cm. At that point, I could make the decision if I wanted to take an epidural or go without. The nurses there were like ‘Girl, you can go without because you are managing VERY well. Every time the contraction passes, you don’t even seem to be in labour!’

Because I was far along enough, we were immediately checked into the birthing suite. I had a little more time to labour and the nurse who was assigned to be with me during this time had hoped to be able to administer one more dose of antibiotics for the Strep B infection I had. During the time that I was put into the birthing suite up until the time that I would give birth, the nurse and Keith were phenomenal. They provided me with ice chips, deep circular rubs on my lower back and cool cloths on my neck.

At about 11:15pm, the nurse went ahead and administered the dose and once that was given, I experienced another contraction. The nurse told me that she would check me once it passed and in order to do so, she would need me to get onto the bed (this entire time, I was rocking back and forth and leaning into the edge of the bed for support).

I climbed onto the bed and the nurse checked me and saw that I was at 9cm. She called the doctor and told him to come immediately because the baby was about to arrive. Whilst making that call, she asked me not to hold on and not to push just yet!

Before I knew it, my water broke (it just sounded like a balloon) and nurse declared that the baby was about to come! All I know is the OBGYN flew into the room quickly and got into positon. I yelled that i didn’t want to do this anymore but at the same time, I needed this baby to get out of me! Keith helped the nurse to turn me over (as I was on all fours when the OBGYN came into the room) and get into the popular position to give birth. The nurse instructed me to push deep down and assured me that the baby was right there. I took a deep breath, and within one intentional push, Chelsea was born with a set of powerful lungs and a head of curly hair. As for me, everything down below was intact which meant that my recovery process would be that much easier.

And there you have it, Baby Chelsea Autumn was born on Saturday June 1st @11:33pm weighing 6lbs 8oz. Just two ounces less than her sister Charlotte!

Welcome to the world Baby Girl, we are so happy to have you on this side with us!

Xx See you all next week!


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