Back ‘2’ School Series — Ms. Deedra Deterville

A Back ‘2’ School Interview Series highlighting teachers!


Hello Ladies & Gents!

Welcome back to my corner of the Internet. September, for Canadian students at least, is when children and adults alike return to school as students and educators. While on summer break, I thought it would be cool to run a series regarding school that would allow the teachers in my circle to give some insight into who they are as individuals and also what they stand for when it comes to the topic of education.

I would like to introduce to you the first teacher that I will be featuring in this Back ‘2’ School series. I have known Ms. Deedra Deterville for a very long time. I have seen her set goals and not only meet them but surpass them as well. I am proud to call her one of my teacher friends and feature her on my blog today. Keep reading along to see her response to my interview questions!

1. What subject and age group do you teach?

I’m an elementary teacher and I cover all subjects except French!

2. What is your favourite part about teaching?

I love making connections with my students and helping them reach their goals. Seeing my students have that “light blub” moment when they’ve grasped a concept, is always so rewarding!

3. What do you hope your students will take away from you this year?

Positivity and Resiliency!

4. Something you would like parents to know/understand

Learning is a partnership. I encourage you to try your best to be as active and involved in your child’s learning. Communicate and connect with your teacher as much as possible to ensure that the learning that happens in the classroom is transferred at home as well.

5. Age appropriate word of advice/encouragement for your students and parents this year

Over the course of the year, you will be faced with many challenges, some that seem more daunting than others. However, never be afraid to try! Take a chance. Take a risk. Nothing beats a try!

All the best this school year!

Xx See you all next week!


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