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Back to School Series highlighting teachers!


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Welcome back to the third post in this Back ‘2’ School Series. Today, I am featuring none other than Ms. Pearline Barrett. Similarly, to our second teacher, Mrs. Rochelle Christopher, Ms. Pearl has a passion for not only music but dance. She is a phenomenal young woman whom I met during my time living in Ottawa. She walks with a particular rhythm that leaves me in awe of her greatness every single time. Ms. Pearl has undoubtedly been a vital force in the lives of many young people and so when she told me that she would be pursuing the path of education as an educator I knew that she would be the perfect fit.

Continue reading to see Ms. Pearl’s response to my interview questions below!

1.What subject and age group do you teach?

I am working as an Occasional, I am qualified for teaching primary and junior grades, meaning kindergarten to grade 6

2.What is your favourite part about teaching?

My favourite part of teaching is experiencing that “ah ha” moment. Those moments when everything clicks. Those moments when my student realized that there have the potential to succeed and that they can do anything they out their mind to. Very cheesy, I completely agree, but once you experience those moments it make everything worth wild. Seeing the smiles on my students’ face is heart-warming.That is what confidence looks like, that is was perserveanc sounds like, and that is what my passion looks like.

What education means to me may be quite similar to others who want to make a difference in the field of education. But what sets me apart is my passion for motivating others. I love the rewarding challenge of discovering each student’s strengths and passions.

3. What do you hope your students will take away from you this year?

I hope my student understand the the “Power of YET”.Education is evolving, and so should our student support system. It is no longer stationary, rigid and filled with prosaic ideas. Learning the power of “YET” is the best way to begin. Letting your students know that anything is possible will change their outlook on life, and apply a growth mindset in everything they do.

4. Something you would like parents to know/understand.

Each child has the potential to excel and succeed but not all children have the opportunity, tools or support system needed to open their eyes to the possibility.

I would like parents to know and understand that as educators, we are on your side. We want your child to succeed and thrive just as much as you do. We will always do what whatever we can to make are your child is supported and is provided adequedite and equitable support. We try our best to create a safe and inclusive learning environment that is cater to your child’s needs. I, personally take the time out to get to know you and your child. What their strengths and weaknesses are, what are their interest, and goals for the upcoming. Together, we provide the soil for your child to grow and thrive in today’s society. I pride myself on keeping in contact with the parents. Building strong relationships is a key element in my teaching philosophy. We are a team. Together to strive for success

I believe that creating a safe space to learn is essential for a learning environment. Building strong relationships with parents, teachers and peers is very important. It leads to creating a safe space that is socially and academically inclusive of all students.

5. Age appropriate word of advice/encouragement for your students and parents this year.

My advice: Each classroom a family network for learning. Work together, learn together and grow together. When challenges come along have a growth mindset! Switch the way you think and have a positive outlook on every situation. You have the power! The power of YET!


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