Back ‘2’ School Series — Mrs. Rochelle Christopher

A Back to School Series highlighting teachers!


Hi Ladies & Gents!

Welcome back! By now a little over a week of school has been completed. The craziness in the malls have died down a bit and women such as myself who are on maternity leave for one year can enjoy the quietness of the mall once again.

Today on the blog, I have Mrs. Rochelle Christopher. She is a dynamic teacher with a passion for music. We have known each other since we were little girls and I am happy to see how much she has flourished from being a student to now being a teacher. Continue reading to see her responses to my interview questions below!

1. What subject and age group do you teach?

I teach Music and I’m the Librarian for a K-8 school.

2. What is your favourite part about teaching?

Watching the students mature as they get older.

3. What do you hope your students will take away from you this year?

How to be better humans in this world and how to be confident in their current abilities to make change in the world.

4. Something you would like parents to know/understand

– Read to your child everyday help develop their literary understanding and helps develop their vocabulary.

– Music and the arts benefit your child’s learning abilities holistically.

– Encourage your children through the challenges of life, regardless of if they fail or succeed.

5. Age appropriate word of advice/encouragement for your students and parents this year

Nobody is perfect, but it’s still important to try your best.

Xx See you all next week!


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