Toddler Natural Hair – Wash Day


Toddler wearing a pink microfibre turban after washing her hair Hello Lovelies!

In the natural hair community, Wash Day is a long, drawn out and highly dreaded process. I started paying attention to Charlotte’s hair and how I would care for it early on during her newborn days.

It used to be super simple but as one can imagine, Charlotte has grown and naturally, become more aware of her surroundings and most importantly, what is actually happening TO her. With that being said, the days of simply washing her hair in 5 minutes are long gone. For the products mentioned, scroll to the bottom of the post. All-Natural shampoo for natural curly hair To help with this process, however, I purchased a cheap foam visor from Amazon so that the water doesn’t run into her eyes during the wash. This helps to cut down the irritable attitude and fussiness by half – most wash days anyway.

All Natural Conditioner for naturally curly hair

Currently, I use the Up North Naturals cleanser and conditioner in her hair. I always shampoo her hair twice and on the second round, I pay close attention to her scalp. Afterwards, I take about a quarter size amount of conditioner and rake it though her hair. I leave this in her hair for approximately 5 minutes and sometimes, i will even put on a shower cap and leave it for a bit longer. While I don’t like the smell of the conditioner, it does an excellent job of adding in moisture and detangling Charlotte’s curls even when it wasn’t previously detangled.Results of a successful hair wash day Once everything has been thoroughly rinsed out, I put a microfibre turban on her head and off we get going for styling! Stay tuned for more upcoming style posts!


Charlotte & Chelsea’s Mama


Up North Naturals Cleanser

Up North Naturals Replenishing Conditioner

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