Two, Two & Under: The Beginning


Black Canadian Toddler and her new sister

Everyone has their own opinion about what having two children under two can look like. To some, it seems absurd and to others, it’s a great idea and either way, I say to each his own. For us, we always knew that we would want to have more than one child and not too far apart. We didn’t plan our firstborn and we didn’t plan our second but they are here and we couldn’t imagine life without them.

So, how has it been you might wonder? Well, I have to say we are busy and blessed. I’m not struggling to face each day the way some people made it out to be but I’m also at peace with the fact that everyday I won’t be superwoman as well.

I’ve only been a mom of two for a little over four months so I’m not an expert by any means on the topic. However, I’ve tried a few different things each day and I am going to highlight three of the top things that have been working for me so far!

Black Canadian Toddler and her new sister

1. Practicing Patience – Always

I would like to think that I have an abundance of patience. Prior to going on maternity leave, I worked with the population of children whom fell under the broad umbrella of ‘special needs children’. Many of the children I worked with were behaviourally-challenged. For 8 hours a day, five days a week I was constantly challenged. I have learned to extend the same amount of patience and grace that I would to them, to my own toddler. I will admit, some days are easier than others though!

2. Being Organized as Heck

By nature, I am highly organized so I use this trait to my advantage every single day. I was adamant about creating a routine and sticking to it so that I could establish a sense of normalcy in my life. After all, this is my new normal and I’m determined to excel at it. One of the biggest things for us is ensuring that Charlotte is in bed before my better half leaves for work at night. Trust me, this has saved my mental state many a times!

3. Taking Rest Whenever Possible.

Our toddler goes to her babysitter three times a week and it is MY saving grace. While she is away for the day, I sometimes find myself taking a nap while the baby naps if I can. I am already running low on sleep (and I have been since beginning my third trimester of pregnancy) and I realized the benefits of taking a midday nap. If I able to take an hour or two nap, I am able to power through the remainder of the day, and that includes being ready for Charlotte when she comes home.

Black Canadian Toddler and her new sister

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