Toddler Natural Hair — Cornrows & Comb Coils


Hello Lovelies!

I’ve mentioned before that Charlotte was born with a head of hair. She didn’t have any bald spots but I did notice that the crown of her hair grew faster than the rest. For the first couple of months, I would just keep her hair moisturized and leave it to do what it needed to do. I’ve linked her newborn hair care – which was short, sweet and simple – just like her hair.

Newborn baby girl natural curly hair

As the hair came in, I started to move out of that generic style, and actually style it. I would section Charlotte’s crown into three or four parts and cornrow her hair. As she grew older, I would use a smidge amount of Curls Blueberry Control Paste to keep her cornrows neat and for the rest of her hair, I would do comb coils.

Newborn baby girl natural curly hair

Charlotte’s cornrows would last 3-4 days and the coils would have to be redone in less than that but it was always so nice to look at when it was freshly done.

Newborn baby girl natural curly hair


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