Mama and Babe Brunch


***Special thanks to Melanney Beckles for the customized water bottles for the mamas, to the mama of Charlotte’s Bum Butter samples and my girl Khadija Tappin for snapping these photos****

Hello Lovelies!

The Vision.

In October, I decided to move forward with hosting my very first event for mamas and their babes. I’ve been to many mama & babe events but what I realized I really wanted was one on an intimate level. I am so blessed and so fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful women who have become mothers either before me or around the same time as I did.

What Actually Happened

Along with four other mamas, and eight children between us, we went to Milestones Restaurant for brunch. Since we went bright and early, we got one of the best seats (one corner of the restaurant). Once everyone settled down, I kick started things by letting the ladies know what my purpose was in bringing everyone together and then we shared labour and birth stories and spoke about how we are really doing in our day-to-day lives. As we talked and laughed, our children played with one another and may or may not have been mischievous here and there (but I won’t say anything that will hold me accountable).

Once brunch finished, we all agreed to go for an impromptu shopping trip since the mall was right there. From eating around a table to strolling in the mall together, we truly had a great time with one another.

Future Plans

My plan is to host more reoccurring mama and babe events because let’s be honest, ain’t nobody gonna really understand your plight as a mother than another mother. I am surrounded by a strong tribe of millennial mothers and if I am able to put a smile on one woman’s face or make sure that she is able to enjoy motherhood that much more – I am going to do it.

Motherhood is one helluva journey and if you have solid people around you cheering you on and standing in your corner offer various ways of support in the way you need it most, it makes a world of a difference. There’s a popular saying that goes “build and they will come” and so, I’m out here building and I will continue to do so because every mama deserves to be loved, appreciated and understood in this particular journey.

Xx See you all next week!


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