Toddler Natural Hair — The Ultimate Flat Twist Out


Hello Lovelies!

This summer has been THE summer for Charlotte’s defined fro! Her hair is so healthy and happy and it shows in its thickness, curliness and overall natural sheen. This past summer, Charlotte’s weekend hairstyle has been the result of a successful flat twist. I have tried it out numerous times and have come to the conclusion that I have formulated the perfect combination to achieve this look!

First things first, her flat twists are best done on freshly washed hair. It doesn’t have to be soaking wet but it does need to be damp and hardly have any other product in it other than very little leave-in conditioner and oil for her scalp.

Secondly, it is absolutely crucial to have a twisting gel of some sort. I went to buy a new one and while in the hair store, I remembered that I had a brand new twisting gel at home. Needless to say, I tried it out and it is my absolutely favourite.

Thirdly, upon completion of the flat twists, I pump some mousse and spread that over the twists and then tie her hair down with her durag (not a bonnet because a bonnet cannot keep the hair laid down).

Below are a few additional things to keep in mind:

⁃ working with the hair in sections is always a good idea

⁃ Distributing the twisting gel evenly throughout the hair is best. Instead of slathering the hair in twisting gel, I apply a little to each section right before I braid it and I also comb it through the hair to ensure that enough product is in the hair from root to tip

⁃ Leaving the hair in the flat twists style for the week (5-6 days) gives the absolute best results (in this case her hair is taken down for church so on the seventh day of the week – Saturday for us)


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