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Mental Health in 2019


Earlier this year, Bell Canada celebrated and honoured a day dedicated to mental health awareness. I read countless amount of stories that day. Some have triumphed and continue to make positive strides and others may have crumbled under the fact that their mental health was compromised.

While I do not have a personal testimony of a battle with any mental health issues, I, like many have gone through times in life where the well-being of my mental has been compromised.

On two separate occasions, most recently, I have said that I have two employers. While I am grateful to be in such a position, it must also be noted that I am surrounded by incredible women who keep me going and I have learned that that level of support has done wonders for me. It makes a difference when you are loved and treated with the respect that you so rightfully deserve.

Let us remember to be kind to one another because we truly do not know what another human may be wrestling with. In the mean time, also think to yourself how YOU would like to be best supported when you are going through those dark times and then, make those desires known so that others can be there for you in the way that you best understand.

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