Money Management in Marriage

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Hello Beautiful People,

I hope that you are all doing well despite the chaos of COVID-19 that we are all having to deal with at this time. I’ve had the topic of money management on my mind for the past couple of months but, now proves to be as great of a time as any. I’m sure you have heard that one of the causes of divorce is due to financial reasons. While the topic of money can be uncomfortable and even taboo for some, it is an important one which is why I am speaking about it today. Without further ado, let’s get into this topic, shall we?

Financial Lessons in Adolescence

While growing up, my parents did a great job of emphasizing the importance of money – specifically, the importance of saving it. Over time, I realized that my problem wasn’t putting money into savings. My problem was that I would make withdrawals almost as quickly as I put it aside in the first place. Essentially, I was defeating the purpose of having a savings account. One of the easiest jobs to get in my teenage years was retail, but that my dear friends, was the beginning of my shopaholic career. If I could go back in time and do a few things differently, I probably would’ve opted for a different industry altogether.

Money Management in Adulthood

I moved away from home to attend university in the nation’s capital. It was and still is one of the best decisions that I have made with my life. I took the road less travelled.

Living away from home was a great big decision for me that came with a great big price tag. The student debt was more or less, inevitable. The choice to take on a credit card, that contributed to my debt, was another story altogether.

Money Management in Marriage

For the longest time, I had been searching for someone who would be able to streamline our everyday finances. My mentor, Pauleanna Reid ( referred me to Octavia, CEO and founder of Paper & Coin. I went onto the Paper & Coin Instagram page and after scrolling through several posts, I was impressed. I proceeded to schedule a free 30-minute consultation ( My first conversation with Octavia was remarkable. At the time, I knew that if it were any an indication of what was to come, we would be in great hands.

The Plan for the Journey

At the time, there was the option to do a 1:1 six month long coaching program. Our first call was around two hours long and was more of an intake. We submitted all the information that was necessary to creating an individualized plan and when Octavia followed up with us, it marked the beginning of our journey. As a fellow married millennial, Octavia was not only knowledgeable but incredibly relatable as well. Along with our plan, we met on a monthly basis for an hour for a period of six months. I found that conversations with Keith concerning finances became increasingly easier to have and it felt like we had taken another step further in our relationship for the better.

Money Management Highlights

All-in-all, it was important to a strategy that worked for us. We didn’t need a cookie-cutter solution and I’m glad I didn’t stop searching until I found what I wanted. When we first started the journey with Paper & Coin, we weren’t sure what the outcome would be but we were hopeful and trusted the process.

Money management individually is important but even more so within a marital relationship. My personal recommendation to any engaged or married couple would be to make sure you are on the same page concerning your finances. If you aren’t quite there, get that knowledgeable and unbiased help so that you can get there. Contrary to some popular belief, you really are ‘one’ once you have gotten married and it is important to act as such if you want to go far – together. It’s been a few months since we completed our last session with Octavia, but I am pleased to say that we are still on track with meeting our financial goals. This is truly a marathon and not a sprint. I am happy that we took the time to set the foundation we needed so that we could continue to thrive today.

Xx See you all soon!


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