Motherhood After Dark

Truths About Motherhood

In this blog post, I talk about my truths about motherhood. Candid, simple, direct. That’s how I like to be!

Black-mother-and-her-toddler-and-infant -dressed-in-chambray-denim
Me & My Girls
Black-mother-and-her-toddler-and-infant -dressed-in-chambray-denim
Charlotte & her shenanigans

Hello Beautiful People!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, motherhood is a beautiful journey even with the inevitable and unexpected bumps along the way. I always knew I wanted to be a mom and truth be told, I still cannot believe that I am. In such a short amount of time of occupying this time, I have learned so much of which I am super excited to share with you all today!

  1. No Man is an Island
    Just because you CAN do it all doesn’t mean that you should have to — said someone incredibly wise. There are some days I feel like superwoman, crossing off things on my ‘to-do’ list with ease and other days when I feel like banging my head against the wall. Cue, your supportive tribe. I can’t tell you how many times someone has offered to give me a helping hand and I took it which led to me feeling much better. I love to conquer my days but I don’t always succeed and I’m okay with that too! No man is an island, I am able to win in motherhood because of those around me who help me be the best that I can be in this role.
  2. A Mother’s Job Is Never Done
    With a 9-5, you have a clear start and end time and you get breaks. It’s well-defined and the exact opposite of motherhood entails. Once you start on this journey, it doesn’t stop. Whether you’re healthy, sick, tired, or otherwise, once you have a have a child to call your very own, the demands don’t stop. But then again, neither does the joys of motherhood! Essentially, it’s still a win—win even on the days it doesn’t feel like it.
  3. Dreams Realized & Priorities Change
    I remember wanting to pursue the role of a correctional officer. The pay was decent and though the days were long, it was a job and I was willing to take it. My alternative plans post-university changed drastically when I met my now-husband and we went on to grow our family. I still have big dreams but they are different now. My priorities have changed significantly but my ambition has not wavered.
  4. Boundaries are Redefined
    This has got to be one of my favourite topics to discuss. I was always big on boundaries but became even more hard fast when I started having children. This is also one of the hardest truths of motherhood and it is not always well-received by those who are not on the journey. Anything that could possibly weigh our family down cannot stay. Simple. I’ve established boundaries and it’s either you get it or you don’t, either way, we will do what works best for us. Just as a mama bear protects her cubs, so I am about my little family. Take from that what you will!
  5. Self-Care is Important
    I didn’t realize how important self care was until I became a wife and a mother. Specifically, with regards to my motherhood journey, I find myself constantly pouring into our girls. This is all well and dandy, until I have nothing left over for myself and my husband. My reality is that if I want time for myself, I have to create that time. It’s the simple and little things that make me feel good and so I do exactly that. Mama, work with what you’ve got. If you can go to the spa regularly, great, do that or if you’re like me, taking long, hot, uninterrupted showers late at night work best. Whatever you choose to do, remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup. The happier the mama, the happier the baby!

Today’s post was a super long one but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! I enjoyed sharing my truths about motherhood and I’m looking forward to sharing more posts of this kind. Continue to be great mama!

Xx See you all soon!
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Black-mother-and-her-toddler-and-infant -dressed-in-chambray-denim
My favourite second-born & I.

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