Motherhood After Dark

Life Lessons from my Toddler

***Photos by Jessica Blaine Smith***

Hi Beautiful People!

I hope you and your loved ones are all still doing as well as you can during these unprecedented times. Since I’ve had the distinct privilege of being around my toddler so much more, I have learned a couple of things! I thought it would be amusing and thought-provoking, to share some of my musings with you.Say it With Ya’ Chest
At the tender age of nearly THREE, Charlotte is a confident little girl. Her vocabulary is expanding and she says exactly what she means and questions when she doesn’t understand or when seeking clarification. I am very much like this as a person so I love that she has adopted this trait. The only thing is that I am certain I will be much happier with it when she is challenging what I have said.

Repetition is the Name of the Game.
I have to be so much more mindful of what I do and say, because a pair of eyes on me almost all-the-time. It is frustrating to constantly repeat myself sometimes, but I have to admit, it’s amusing when she repeats it when I least expect it. One of my daily goals is to make sure that she is repeating more good than not-so-good. It seems as though this is a lesson that I am learning for myself as well.

May the Affection Never Run Dry
To be affectionate with babies can be incredibly natural for many. However, if you’re not careful, it seems as though once the child has past that adorable first or two years of life, the affection can be subject to change. Charlotte pays attention to our interactions with her baby sister, Chelsea. I never want her to feel as though our love for her has changed. Yes, she’s getting older but, this big girl of ours still loves a kiss on the cheek, big hugs and when she’s tired, a good cuddle. I’m not sure of what her love language is as yet, but for now, physical touch is a big deal for her.

There are so many life lessons that Charlotte and Chelsea teach me every single day and in turn, I have a growing list of things that I want her and her sister to know as they continue through this life. Maybe one day I’ll share a few of those gems with you.

What are some things that YOUR little ones are teaching you — I would love to know!

xx See you all soon!
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