Preschool Education in 2020


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Kindergarten Preparation in 2020


This year’s return to school looks vastly different from prior years. Whether you have sent your child to school, or kept him/her/them at home to learn virtually, we are all simply trying to do our very best given the situation. Our daughters, Charlotte and Chelsea, are not of school-age yet, but this year I decided that I wanted to buckle down and prepare Charlotte for junior kindergarten for September 2021. It is my hope that next year, the world will be a lot closer to the level of normalcy we were once accustomed to!

Tools and Resources


This year, I am introducing French in a more formal (yet, fun) manner. I registered the girls to take French class online with Mme. Amy of 123 Petit Pas. Charlotte had her first class last week and she thoroughly enjoyed it. It was engaging and only half-an-hour long. It was the perfect amount of time for her and I to spend that time together learning my second favourite language.

Another thing that I have been doing is having Charlotte spell her name before she eats each meal/snack. She was given a personalized placemat with her name on it for her birthday this year. Once her bowl is on her mat, Charlotte will point at her name and start to spell. This helps with letter recognition. In just a few short weeks of implementing this into her morning routine, she is able to spell her name with very little help and I am so proud of her for being able to do so!

In addition to that, I have been trying to be more intentional about reading with both girls. They love books and they have a good growing collection. I aim to read one or two books that they choose at the beginning of their day.

Reciting affirmations are another thing that I have added to the morning routine. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to do. It feels good to know that I am empowering our daughters even before they can fully understand what I am saying. This will become apart of them and let’s be real, is there anything better than a humble and confident child? Nope, I didn’t think so!

More of that Good Stuff
I want to do more arts and crafts with the girls, namely Charlotte, as she continues to work on her fine motor skills. I would also like to add movement (kind of like a gym class)to our schedule so she really gets to move her body. If helps that she loves to dance and run around!

In Closing
To stay organized, I have a block-style routine on my phone but, I also put up a whiteboard calendar for our activities. Now, the point is not to fill the board with stuff just for the sake of it, but rather, to keep us organized and for me to keep track of what has been done and what will be to come. The schedule is fluid. Nothing is set in stone with the exception of their French classes. As organized as I like to be, I am realistic. Life will get in the way sometimes, and it is what it is. However, for the most part, I do want to be intentional with how I am teaching the girls and preparing them for the world in which they live in. By the time school rolls around next year for Charlotte, I am confident that she will be both ready and excited to learn in a new environment and alongside new friends.

Over to You How are you handling your little ones (or big ones) for this school year? Are you going virtual or sending them in person? Either way, I look forward to hearing more about how your children will be learning this year!

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