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Family Fun at Knox Pumpkin Farm

During the fall season, visiting a pumpkin patch has become a tradition of ours. This year, we visited Knox Pumpkin Farm and it did not disappoint. In this blog post, I’m sharing our experience there along with lots of photos!


Over the weekend, we decided to go to the Knox Pumpkin Farm, located about 30 minutes from where we live. It is a fourth-generation farm in the countryside and it is absolutely beautiful! The drive was easy, straightforward, and very scenic. Since 2017, we look forward to this fall tradition of going to experience an outdoor fall activity and this by far, was the best experience.

While the fall season is incredibly beautiful, I find that in terms of the weather, it is a sliding scale that include being beautiful, warm, and comfortable to being an obvious prelude to winter. Because this wasn’t our first time engaging in this kind of a fall activity, (however, we had never been to Knox Pumpkin Farm before) I knew that we had to dress warmly without compromising our sense of style.

Due to the current state of our world, specifically, COVID-19, tickets had to be purchased in advance and there was a two-hour time limit. We paid approximately $54 for the three of us and Chelsea was free since she is under 2 years-old. Our tickets did not include the wagon ride but, we figured that there was enough activities anyway that we couldn’t miss it.


When we arrived, there were two or three lines and depending on the ticket you had purchased you would line up accordingly. We started off by saying hello to the barnyard animals, then we wandered off to let the girls play in haystacks which they thoroughly enjoyed. We took a walk through Storybook Forest and paused to take photos by the cornfields. We ended our time there with a request from Charlotte to go on a pony ride. I thought she would panic when she got close to the pony but she hopped on like it was nothing!

Towards the end of our time there, it started to get a bit chilly so, visiting in the early afternoon definitely worked out in our favour. Knox is a popular farm and for good reason. There was so much to see and do but due to time, we didn’t get to see everything. Nonetheless, we had an amazing time!

Tips for Enjoying the Pumpkin Patch this Season

• Dress warmly – take an extra warm blanket if you plan to pull your little one in a wagon.

• Have cash on hand – for extra activities and food.

• Have a fully charged phone and camera for photos — the photo opportunities are endless.

• Wear masks that you can tolerate for the entire time you are there as it is mandatory for you to keep your masks on during the full duration of your visit.

•Sanitizer — even with there being sanitizers and wash stations available, it doesn’t hurt to walk with your own. Keep a small plastic bag with you as well so if you use napkins you can dispose of it properly.

All-in-all, it was a successful family fun day and if you haven’t gone yet, check it out! You will NOT be disappointed.

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