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My Self-Care Routine in 2021

Self Care in 2021

Happy New Year Beautiful People!

Despite the current state of the world and lockdown in various parts, I hope that your holiday season treated you and yours well.

Now that the holiday season has passed and we are now in a new year, I thought that now would be a great time to bring up the topic of self-care.

According to Professor Google, self-care is ‘the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress’. We all know that level of stress and anxiety has only increased amongst individuals all over the world thanks to this global pandemic. In this post today, I want to remind you to take control over the things you can actually control.

If you didn’t already know, I am a wife and millennial mama of two girls, ages 18 months and 3.5 years. Life was busy before I came into these roles and even more so afterwards. It took me a while to really nail down what self-care looks like for me. In my mind, self-care would include weekly visits to the spa. But, as life would have it, this is not the case and I’m actually okay with it. Just as many had to pivot in 2020, I learned to pivot with how my self-care routine actually unfolded.

First, I decided to be realistic with the time I had available. How realistic was it for me to spend half the day alone versus getting an hour or two to myself once the girls have gone to bed? The latter won and continues to win. Once a week, I indulge in self-care and I choose to do it when the girls have gone to bed that way I am truly uninterrupted. During this time, I use my current favourite bath soak from Soie and stay in the bath tub for 30 minutes minimum. I exfoliate with the Boss Babe body exfoliant I purchased from Winners. I follow up with the Soie body butter for my body and finish with lip polish to exfoliate my lips.

Second, I chose an activity or series of activities that I knew would help me to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. When I put my phone away and pick up my book, I can be sure that I will feel an instant state of calmness come over me. For over a year now, I have challenged myself to grab a new book every month. Sometimes, I’m able to finish it and other times, I take more time. Either way, unplugging is key and especially a half-an-hour before bedtime. This is a self-care activity I engage in daily (as much as possible).

Third, I communicated to my husband how he could support me. If you didn’t already know, and even if you do – here is a reminder, you cannot pour from an empty cup. You just cannot. While the Hubs is not a direct part of my self-care routine, he does help me to make it happen. This looks like helping me by doing the nighttime routine with the girls or tackling some chores in the house so that I can relax and unwind after a long day on my feet. I remember Charlotte was a newborn, he would support my desire take long showers uninterrupted late at night. He did this because he knew that it was my way of pouring into myself to better show up for our family.

Bottom line, find what works for you and lean into it. You will be better for it and everyone else around you will be as well. In 2021, we are prioritizing self-care. We are showing up for ourselves the way we would show up for a job. And that’s on PERIODT.

Love + Light Always,


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