Three Things to Consider Before Purchasing Gifts for Children

Three things to consider before purchasing a gift for the next expectant couple in your life. This is also a great reference for children’s celebrations after their first year of life!

Black-daughters-playing-with-their-toys -with-a-large-woven-basket-beside-them

Hello Beautiful People!

I hope this new blog post finds you and yours well! Even in the midst of a pandemic, there are still joys of couples expecting babies, which brings a huge smile to my face. While celebrations, as we know them, are being done differently, one thing that remains the same is the joy with giving and receiving good gifts in honour of a new baby arriving earth-side.

If you are new here, I have two daughters and when we were expecting our eldest daughter’s arrival, I knew that I wanted to be super intentional. I did not want too much in my space because I was convinced that babies really don’t need all that much (materially-speaking). I decided to share my top tips to consider before purchasing a gift for the next expecting couple in your life!

Black-daughters-playing-with-their-toys -with-a-large-woven-basket-beside-them

1. Use the baby registry — the expectant parents have created this for a reason and it should be consulted so that you purchase something that is actually wanted/needed.

2. When in doubt, purchase a gift card — while this may be considered in personable to some, it’s a gift that keeps giving. Gift cards come in handy at any point in time and the expecting parents can purchase exactly what they need when it is needed most. Pair this with a beautifully-written card or your favourite children’s book.

3. Purchase an essential item — you’ll never go wrong with purchasing a baby essential. Whether that’s a box of diapers, wipes, or both, anything that you may see an expectant couple speak of often, you cannot go wrong.

These are three of my tips that guide my gift buying decisions for anyone of my friends who are expecting children (and even their birthday celebrations afterwards). I have yet to meet a parent who longs to have more toys for their children.

Black-daughters-playing-with-their-toys -with-a-large-woven-basket-beside-them

All of the toys our daughters love to play with are kept in an extra large woven basket (pictured). This makes for an easy playtime session (easy for the girls to find their favourite toys) and it’s easy to keep clean and organized (everything fits in one place). Toys are fun yes, but, if we lean more into what the parents would find more useful, we will never go wrong.

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