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Toddler Natural Hair — Cornrows & Plaits


Hello Lovelies!

When Charlotte’s hair gained enough length around the back of her hair, I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t have to try to slick down her hair for a neater appearance or coil her hair with a comb. She was finally ready for some basic box plaits!

I’ve mentioned before that the crown of Charlotte’s hair grew faster than the rest so it wasn’t long before I could cornrow the front from ear-to-ear. I set out to section off the back of Charlotte’s hair and make small box parts to plait her tresses. While the length wasn’t where it was as she is now a toddler, I still managed to get a good grip to braid and often times I would twirl the end of the hair until it formed a little curl.

To encourage growth, I plaited the back of her hair often and I kept the overall hair moisturized and sealed using the L.C.O method.


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