About Me

Hello World,

My name is Colleen and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my hilarious Jamaican husband, Keith, and our two girls, Charlotte and Chelsea. From a very young age, I have been passionate about reading, writing and all-things creative.

I finally decided to get serious and create a blog when I realized that there weren’t many young, Black, Canadian and female bloggers for me to identify with who touch on topics outside of beauty and fashion.

While I was on this amazing ‘vacation’ called maternity leave for one year, I figured it was probably the best time for me to start this super procrastinated passion project of mines, now known as the Her Social Groove & Baby brand. I look forward to being as transparent as much as my heart will allow as I share my experiences as a millennial wife and first-time mom. And, I hope that you will stick around long enough to enjoy the ride !

Photo Credit: Olivya Leblanc