My name is Colleen Reid and I am currently engaged in a beautiful dance between two jobs as a residential support worker in a children’s home and as an educational assistant within the classroom setting for one of the local school boards in my city.

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to a Jamaican mother and Ghanaian father. I have three siblings, one daughter and one amazing husband. I am incredibly transparent and what you see is what you get. I am obsessed with all things related to the family and home design/decor.

While I am still somewhat a newbie when it comes to the influencer industry, I have had the distinct pleasure of attending incredible events hosted by Ehm & Co.’s sister company YMC such as a Benadryl event, Comedy Night, a shopping event with H&M, as well as an event to learn more about Local Love and their partnership with United Way. We have also collaborated with the Pink Blush brand as a style ambassador and currently, my family and I are brand ambassadors for a lovely online boutique named Mili Milo.

We are available for future collaborations for a variety of projects including product reviews and content creation.